American Revolutionary War

18th Century Pioneers of Stokes County, NC

We begin segment 3 with Anthony Dearing and his family. Anthony was born in present day Stokes County approx. 1750 and married Elizabeth Vernon, daughter of Richard Vernon. in 1772. They had at least five children; John(1773), James(1782), Richard, William and Anthony.  Son, James(1782-1854), married Rebecca Davis(1786-1958) in 1806. Rebecca’s parents are James Davis and Margaret Dunlap. This family later moved to Missouri.

Samuel Denny was born in Virginia and migrated to Surry County in 1767. He settled near Pilot Creek with his wife and had 17 children.  The known children are William, Azariah, John, Charles, Henry, Lazarus, Benjamin, James, Shared, Keziah and Nancy. Samuel, after his wife died, moved with several of his sons westward. Azariah and the remaining children settled in and around Surry and Stokes Counties.

Joseph Eason was living in Stokes County during 1776. His son, Mills was born soon afterwards in 1779. Mills married the daughter of James and Margaret Dunlap named Bethania in 1804. They had the following children: Joseph(1805) married Sarah Tuttle, Susan(1807) married Peter Tuttle, James(1809) married Sarah Boles, William(1811) and Jane(1813). Mills and his father, Joseph traveled frequently to Tennessee where they purchased several acres of land in Dickson County between the years of 1804 to 1824. A portion of this family later moved to Missouri as many families did during this time.

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Robert Flinchum and wife, Mary Pinegar, migrated to Stokes County from Virginia in 1792. Robert was born in Culpepper County, Virginia during the 1750’s. The following children were born in Stokes County: Robert, Samuel and Mary. The couple had several children who were born in Virginia prior to them arriving in NC.

Richard Flynt was living in present day Stokes County in 1785. Richard’s grandfather was a tailor who lived in Lancaster County, VA. Richard was born circa 1720 and married Ann Perry a few years prior to 1747. Ann claimed a portion of her father’s estate during the year of 1747. Ann’s father is John Perry. Richard and several of his sons are shown as land owners and paying taxes in 1786. Richard died sometime during the year of 1792. John Flynt, oldest son of Richard, was born 1748. He settled in the Meadows area of Stokes County and farmed 200 acres with his wife Catherine. The couple had 10 children:Perry(1778) married Martha Halbert, Meredith(1780) married Mary Evans, Richard(1786) married Mary Young and was a Captain with the Stokes Militia, Frances married John Davis, Katherine married Leonard Aldridge, Ann married Harman Redman, Susanna married Benjamin Young, Lucy married John Redman and 1 daughter married John Webb. A large portion of this family moved later to Tennessee.

Meadows is located approx. 4 miles southeast of Danbury along present day Highway 8. I have visited the area often through the years. It is an old settlement dating back to the 18th century and many small family cemeteries can be located in the area.

Andreas Volck(Fulk) was born in Hockland, NY in 1722 and he migrated to North Carolina during the year of 1767. He became a member of the Moravian settlement located in Bethania and died there in 1790. His daughter, Anna Catherine Volk, married John Jacob Spainhour. Many speculate that they are buried in an old family cemetery located near Pinnacle. Several of the tombstones display the names of Volk and Fulk upon them.


This is the end of segment 3 of this series. The families have been listed alphabetically and there will be several segments to come in the near future. I wanted to share with a research link, Cemetery Survey of Stokes County 1937  I also want to share a listing of family cemeteries located in Stokes County, you can access it here. Thank You all for your support of Piedmont Trails. I hope you all are enjoying this series as much as I am in presenting it to you.  Please feel free to comment and share your suggestions in the comment area. Wishing you all well with your research as we walk together along the trails of our ancestors.




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  1. Thank you for all the hard work and effort you are putting into this project. Some of the families you’ve covered are in my direct line, and all are very interesting to read about. Should you have any additional information, other than what you have already covered, on George W Bowman, born 1832, I would be most appreciative if you would email me. I believe that he is my gg-grandfather. Thanks again!
    Henry Land

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