Great Wagon Road Project

Outline For The Great Wagon Road Project


The Great Wagon Road Project is happy to share a description of our outline and the steps taken to reach our goal. The road greatly enhanced our nation’s history and the lives of so many. As new discoveries are made throughout this project, many researchers feel and understand the overwhelming adventure the road brought to these early settlers. The steps made so long ago are revisited and experienced again. As stated, this outline is used as a guide with our project in order to research all aspects of the route and learn the road mile by mile.

I-The Importance of The Great Wagon Road

A-Timeline of Road
1)Creation and Beginning of Road
2)Years of Operation For Migration and Trade

B-Early Settlements
1)Location of Early Taverns and Ferries

C-Numerical Data of Travelers
1)Genealogy Data Proving Travelers Upon Road

D-Impact on Economy in Surrounding Regions
1)Trade Practices Due to Creation and Usage of Road

E-The Influence Upon Military Skirmishes
1)Documentations Proving Results From The French and Indian War
2-Documentations Proving Results From The Revolutionary War
3-Indian Skirmishes Along The Road

II-Mapping The Great Wagon Road

A-Determine Road Boundaries Through Region
1)Acquiring Maps, Researching Maps Throughout The Time Period of Road

III-Creating A Booklet for Project Research

A-Indexing All Materials and Sources

IV-Submitting Final Presentation To Congress

If you have information that you feel would benefit our project, please let us know. You can submit a comment with this article or simply Contact us through the website. If you are interested in joining the project and preserving The Great Wagon Road, let us hear from you. Meanwhile, the project continues forward along the old trail as we edge closer to our goal. Thank You so much for your support and we wish you great success with your journey to the past.

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  1. I’d really look forward to updates on this project. I’m trying to build a narrative around my original ancestor’s migration from Ulster to Talbot County, MD, Loudoun VA, Campbell County, VA, Danville and Lincoln County, KY. Names and dates in family trees is just bare branches without leaves and fruit. I’ve read a variety of historical narratives on the Great Wagon Road, Wilderness Road and other routes to the middle settlements and frontier, but they’re scattered, random and not comprehensive.

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    • Hi David and Thank You for commenting on the project. A brand new update about the project will be arriving on the website by April 5th. There were many different routes associated with the Great Wagon Road and it has been a fascinating journey exploring each of these.


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