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As many of you know, books are essential to me. My collection is overwhelming at times, yet I dare not part with any of them. In some cases, I know the page numbers for material that I am currently working on. It amazes me what our minds can hold together and solve if we put forth the effort. My Mom used to say this was using just a little common sense, and it goes a long way if we don’t lose it. I’m still learning about that, but when do we really stop learning? It won’t be today, that’s for sure. Do you have books that you have not read? Could they provide you with some direction for your research? You won’t know until you turn to the pages and find out. Making your time worthwhile and rewarding allows the journey to be adventurous and memorable. Don’t speculate and assume because maybe you are disregarding a piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for the whole time. So, let’s make it count, from every hour, minute, and second.

I am constantly adding my books to Piedmont Trails online library. This is a free tool that everyone can use. You can search your titles, authors and create notes that contributes to your research. LibraryThing.com is a great tool, especially if you have as many books as I do. Give it a try and browse through the site.

While researching various projects and family history, I am constantly searching for all kinds of written documentation. These include books and other materials such as ledgers, journals, diaries, and much more. Survey maps are some of the best treasures to find additional handwritten notes, and original census records are priceless. If you can locate the original county census records, be sure to take your time and read through all of the notes. That is one task that is worth the effort and the time.

The Great Wagon Road Project resumes research tomorrow after a long winter slumber. I am so anxious to get back on the trail and make exciting discoveries this year. The road trips will be in abundance, rain or shine. There is no harm in facing a little rain if you are on the verge of discovering the most heavily traveled road of the 18th century. Time well spent, but I must remember Mom’s advice and use my common sense. Listen for the noise of thunder in the distance this summer because a lightning strike would not help the project or me. I hope everyone has viewed the video and created a timeline for your genealogy research. May your first days of spring be filled with priceless treasures from the past. Enjoy Your Journey !!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the Library Thing again. It motivated me to sit down this morning, join the site, and upload my genealogy library. I also put the app on my cell phone. Next time I am browsing in an old book store, and discover an interesting book, I’ll be able to determine if I already own it!

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