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Can Family Historians Make Time Stand Still?

Speaking relatively, no one can make time stand still, not even for a second, but preserving the history and the lineage allows the past to be recognized again in the present tense. How important are family historians? When it pertains to the preservation of a family, they are priceless. What encourages most family historians to continue with the research? For the majority, sharing information tends to be the most significant element. It is this act of sharing that seems to offer encouragement and incentive to move forward. Of course, this is not true of every single family historian or genealogist. Some prefer to keep the information to themselves, while others choose to market the data for a price. Regardless of the reasons, it’s up to the individual how this information should or shouldn’t be shared.

What about photos? Photographs enable the capture of a particular moment and preserve it. In a way, photos are documents proving seconds in time as an image frozen completely in an instance. The phrase, every picture tells a story, quickly comes to mind, and this expression represents some truths. Many of the earliest photographs portray not only family members but of historical events. The Civil War is a prime example of this. Who argues with the significance of a photo? If the subject matter contains adequate documentation and is verified, there would be little room for debate. Therefore, photographs can be an accurate representation of the past. They capture a moment in time for as long as the photo endures.

The true longevity of remembrances stands openly in the hearts of family historians. In other words, an active person dedicated to preserving the past will make it known in day-to-day conversations. What resonates importance to them as individuals also represents the pure measure of their research, preservation, and their actions of sharing with others. In summary, these family historians are the real test of time. As the next generation arrives with new outlooks and points of view, let us all grasp the opportunity with eagerness and share the past. The history is available to all who are willing to observe, listen, learn and uphold.

To those who dedicate their time to research, congratulations are in order. If you are among the millions who recite family stories to others, special thanks are in order. The countless days, hours, and tasks spent on family genealogy are not wasteful. The time measured with the journey contains a priceless treasure, the gateway to yesterday. Keep your feet planted on the trail, don’t lose sight of the view ahead, and hold fast to your morals and beliefs. Because that’s who you are as a person. You are a family historian going against the odds. Keep putting forth the effort of making time stand still.

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  1. Wow what timing. I’m just in process of emailing you.  🎃 I’ll finish that email later today. Yard work is beckoning.  Gorgeous here.  Rich

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  2. I enjoy all your posts and always feel I’ve learned something from listening or reading what you’ve shared. But this one, in particular, hit home. I’ve often told people who were just beginning that family history is addictive. I’ve put it down after hitting “brick walls” only to take it up again because of that drive to know and clarify and pass on what I’ve learned. Because I don’t want those people who went before us, gave us so much, to be forgotten. Thank you so much for all you do.

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