Leaving Your Footsteps for the Future

The time spent wandering and studying the past brings forth a miraculous journey. Countless hours spent researching our ancestors can lead us on many different trails and roads. Discoveries slow our pace as we gaze upon the truth; the realism amazes us to know.

One element we may be disregarding is our worthiness as a being in present history. With so much data stored digitally, where is the proof that this data will be available in the future? And, if not, where will your history be stored?

The term, writing down of things, requires your mind to assemble your thoughts on paper. Private diaries seem to adopt the no entrance allowed theme. But, I encourage you to write your opinions and share them openly in future paths. Why? The handwritten document will intrigue the future historian, and they will know you just as you’ve learned from the past. Don’t take for granted the availability of online sources. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow. Create a backup plan and leave a written account of your life behind. Preserve your footsteps because your thoughts, struggles, and happiness will matter to someone in the future.

Piedmont Trails wishes you all a Happy New Year. Open the door to 2022 and a new chapter.

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