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Creating A Balance Between Life, Work & Research

Everyone wants to know the quickest and best online resources for genealogy and history. I question why are you seeking fast answers? Lack of time and daily schedules seems to be the most popular answers. I understand more than you may realize. It seems that people assume that I work with Piedmont Trails all day and every day devoting my time and effort to the projects. I constantly surprise people who learn that I have a full-time regular job. I sometimes work over 40 hours a week. If I add my travel time back and forth, that would equal 11 to 12 hours a day. I have a family life and friends too. Yet, I find time to share my passion for history and genealogy with you. How do I do this?

Balance is the answer. I could not live without my planner notebook with me. A planned schedule keeps me on the right track, and I’m strict on myself to not waver or stray very far. I use my time wisely. A wasted minute is a minute forever gone. My lunchtime includes phone calls to various organizations on behalf of the projects, answering emails, or spending time with friends. The drive home may allow a stop at a cemetery or a library. Balance for every purpose is the answer.

I don’t seek the fastest answers, nor do I rush my research. I value this portion of my life just as I value my marriage and home. Family is a treasure, and research is a treasure. You can’t rush either one. My job is important to me because I can help many people, and this enriches my life. Each experience adds to the person I am. You can’t rush that either. We all continue to grow and develop ourselves. Our goal is to be the best we can be and enjoy the journey. Take a moment and find balance in what you do; and what you seek. Don’t waste one second of your journey. And certainly, don’t look for the fastest route because you may miss what was waiting for you along the way.

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  1. So true! Take your time. We had looked for a relative for 20 years. He had simply disappeared. One night I got on Ancestry.com, determined to go through all the SC and NC death certificates. About 3 hours later, I found a DC that had a similar name and same birth date. Turns out he had left SC, changed his name, began a new life in NC, and died there. We’d still be looking for him if I hadn’t just sat down and done the tedious work of reading all those DCs.

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    • I love that !! Thank You so much Carol for sharing your experience with us. The past is a treasure, and we certainly don’t want to overlook one piece of it. Keep enjoying your journey!!

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