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Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1711-1715 Surnames

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is one of the oldest counties dating to 1682. The area is known for its rich historical past. The enormous number of records to explore and discover is fascinating. Remember, some documents will be in the most unlikely places. Another tip is don’t rely on just one or two sources. Expand your research to include adventure in your journey. This article will share surnames from the 1711 to 1715 period. These names are listed alphabetically below and appear in early land deed records. Much of this data comes from the Great Wagon Road Project. As the project researches the original route, we locate remnants, material, or clues that suggest specific surnames or families at a particular place along the road. The project then analyzes the information for proof of migration along the GWR. Once proven, the project takes the research to the next step and traces the family or individual back in time to prove lineage and family history. The names below are part of the investigation proving lineage to some of the families discovered along the Great Wagon Road. Not all of the names mentioned below tie directly to the Great Wagon Road Project. But this gives you an idea of how the project works and researches the data. Many future generations of the names below do migrate during the mid to late 18th century. Do you have additional information about any of these families? We would love to hear from you. Please share your knowledge with us by commenting on the article or contacting Piedmont Trails.

  • Allen, Samuel-Book A Vol 1, 349
  • Baldwin, John-miller
  • Barnson, Barnard-son of Barnard Christian
  • Biddle, Thomas-witness
  • Boron, Samuel-from Flushing, Long Island, New York, yeoman, Book B Vol. 1, pg. 88
  • Bowen, John
  • Brock, John
  • Brock, Ralph-millwright-of Makefield, son of John Brock
  • Burges, Daniel-carpenter
  • Burges, John-carpenter
  • Burges, Samuel-carpenter
  • Burton, Anthony-yeoman-Book B Vol.1, pg. 88
  • Carpenter, Samuel-merchant
  • Carter, James-blacksmith
  • Christian, Barnard-migrated from Bergen County, New Jersey, yeoman Book C Vol. 1, pg. 346-father of Barnard Barnson
  • Clark, William-land bordered John Otter and John Baldwin
  • Clews, Joseph-witness
  • Coats, Thomas-yeoman-of Philadelphia-wife, Elizabeth
  • Comly, Henry-witness
  • Crossdale, William
  • Cutter, John-yeoman-witness-of Middletown
  • Draycot, Ralph-property along Kings Road
  • Eayre, Richard-Burlington County, New Jersey, wife-Elizabeth-(stepfather to John Brock, Elizabeth is John Brock’s mother)
  • Fox, Justinian-witness
  • Goodson, John-Book A Vol 1, pg 289
  • Griffith, John-cordwainer-Wife, Katherine-200 acres by Neshaminy Creek Book B Vol 1, pg. 131
  • Griffith, Samuel
  • Groom, Thomas
  • Growdon, Joseph
  • Hall, John-cooper, wife-Rebecca
  • Hayhurst, John-of Southampton-yeoman-witness
  • Helstyn, Jacob-witness
  • Hilborn, Samuel-witness
  • Hill, Richard-witness
  • Hutchinson, John-witness
  • Jackson, Daniel
  • Jacobs, Bartholomew-witness-yeoman
  • Kemp, Edward-witness
  • Kirkbride, Joseph
  • Lambert, John-of Nottingham, New Jersey, yeoman, property aside the Delaware River
  • Langhorne, Jeremiah-witness
  • Markham, William-Book A Vol 1, pg. 289
  • Marriott, Thomas-of Bristol-property corner by Mill Street
  • Nelson, Henry-yeoman
  • Oland, Edward
  • Otter, John
  • Overton, Samuel
  • Pellison, Jacob
  • Pemberton, Phineas
  • Pennington, Edward
  • Rowland, John-gentleman
  • Shattick, James-property description “northeast by Neshaminy Creek”-Book A, Vol 4, pg. 81
  • Smyth, James-witness
  • Stevenson, Thomas-of Bensalem, yeoman, wife-Sarah
  • Taylor, Christopher-Book C Vol 5, pg. 65
  • Taylor, Israel-Book B Vol 1, pg. 151
  • Tinings, John-witness
  • Vansand, Harman
  • Vansand, Johannes-wife-Lea
  • Watson, Thomas-witness
  • Watson, William-shopkeeper-of Bristol
  • Welch, Joseph-witness
  • White, Francis-witness
  • Wilcox, Joseph-witness
  • Yates, James-of Newtown-yeoman-wife, Agnes-property along west side of Newtown/Bristol Road, by Newtown Creek
1705 Map of Pennsylvania by Thomas Holme (courtesy of the Library of Congress)

The map above is one of our favorites for Pennsylvania in this time period. Hundreds of surnames appear on the map in accordance with their property locations. We are happy to share our research with you. Be sure to follow the Great Wagon Road Project and our other projects. We at Piedmont Trails wish you success with your journey to the past.

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  1. Clark, William-land bordered John Otter and John Baldwin: Does this mean William Clark did not own land, but lived and/ or worked the land with the two Johns? We know our 6th GGF Samuel Clark, 1720-83 lived in York PA but did not own land. We think he migrated from N. Ireland as a young man in about 1730. He moved his family to present day Randolph NC in 1758 (on Rowan Co. Tax rolls). We have not been able to determine who his father is. Possibility a William Clark or William Clark is an uncle. My grandfather states our Clarks come to US by way of Philadelphia in about 1730. Thank you for posting.

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    • Thanks for the question, Jerry. Actually, this William Clark did own land that bordered John Otter. Other Clark members in this area are Benjamin, Thomas and John. We were looking more closely at Samuel Clark and tracing his lineage to Pennsylvania.

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    • Hello, Jerry! I’ve communicated with you RE Rootsfinder How I Solved It: Benjamin Merrill is not my grandfather?!? (Is he?). For some reason I’m not able to comment there anymore but had seen your comment on Piedmont Trails earlier. Anymore updates on your Clark-Smith-Mendenhall research? Just wondering. Have a great weekend!

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