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Piedmont Trails Update

What a fantastic year 2022 has been. We hope you have enjoyed just as many treasures from the past as we have. We are still going through our finds. It’s been an adventurous year. As we wind down for the last thirty days, we want to thank all the people we met along the way. New friends who opened their doors and welcomed us, we will never forget you. Much of our time this year dealt with ground research. After going thru countless closures for the past two years, we couldn’t wait to get our feet on the ground for some travel time. It was worth the wait.

The Colonial Indentured Servants Project grew with not fifty or a hundred names but hundreds with a S this year. Thanks to everyone on the team for being diligent in seeking the records. It wasn’t easy at times. In South Carolina, it started raining Loyalist records. We were able to add 42 files to the Loyalist Project, and those files answered many questions for us this year. In North Carolina, new Native Trails began surfacing as we dug deep into the foothills and researched the trading records. The year 1704 and 1708 delivered clues and hints about the original Catawba Trail and how it linked to the Keowee Trail. The Great Wagon Road Project was the big winner this year, with over 1500 new documents containing land records, maps, road orders, and personal journals. It was a solid victory in Virginia this year like never before. Due to such a grand success, we began the process of ground preservation which is part of our goal. We all dreamed of the Great Wagon Road for a solid week in July. Twenty-four hours a day, we thought of nothing else but the original roadbed. For the first time since the project began, we finally felt secure with our proof and knowledge dating to the late 1720s. The project will be returning to Virginia next year. We have much more work to do in that area, but what a summer this year! In North Carolina, for the project, we continued defining the Townfork Road as it traveled into Wilkes & Surry Counties. We found more concrete evidence proving the direction of the Great Wagon Road after crossing the Dan River. The project will be in the area for our first ground expedition in January 2023. Armed with our new evidence, we hope to expose the truth for the GWR in this immediate area. It’s time-consuming, proving every foot of the road, but the blueprints from the original land surveys are part of the proof. We only have to piece them together like a gigantic puzzle measuring nearly 800 miles.

The website updates, articles, and podcast episodes did take a hit this year. We were unable to share our information as often due to time constraints. But we are back on all platforms. The monthly Live Streams were continuous except for one month. Our regular mail has stacked up, and we are in the process of going thru those now. So, if you have mailed us family materials, other data or letters, we are answering those this week. We are still behind with our email requests, but we hope to be up to date with these over the next two weeks. Thank you all so much for joining the journey with us. Your support means much more than you know, and we greatly appreciate each of you. Enjoy Your Journey To The Past.

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  1. Dear Carol,

    Thank you for all your dedication. Your hard work benefits all of us who don’t have your talent, knowledge and drive to discover. I’m always too late for the live stream but I hope to do better in the coming year. Thank you so very much! I learn so much and appreciate your sharing source materials.

    Thank you! Nancy

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