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Kentucky Families Before 1782: Segment 3

Welcome to segment 3 of the Kentucky land records dating before 1782. If you missed the first two segments, don’t worry. We have the links listed for you today. You can find the first segment link here that contains surnames beginning with A thru C. The second segment, found here, includes surnames beginning with D thru G. Kentucky Today’s article will share surnames beginning with H thru M. The dates mentioned in this series pertain to the survey dates. Waterways mentioned in the surveys are critical when identifying the parcel location. We have included these with each surname.

Surnames Beginning with H

  • Hawkins, Martin-Middle Fork & Simpson Creek-6/20/1781-2 tracts totaling 2,000 acres
  • Helm, Meredith-no waterway given-3/8/1781
  • Helm, Thomas-Green River-6/13/1781-shown with 2 tracts before 1782
  • Henry, Patrick-Elkhorn Creek-7/8/1774-6 tracts consisting of 7,700 acres
  • Henry, William-Elkhorn Creek-7/9/1774-1,000 acres
  • Hickman, James-Boons Creek-5/29/1775-2 tracts consisting of 4,000 acres
  • Higgins, Peter-Whitley Creek-6/4/1781
  • Hill, Thomas-Town Fork & Salt River-1/24/1781-shown with 2 tracts before 1782
  • Hind, Thomas-North Branch of Kentucky River-7/16/1774-1,000 acres
  • Hines, Andrew-Soverns Valley Creek-7/14/1781
  • Hite, Colonel Abraham-Hickman Creek-114/18/1775-2,000 acres
  • Hite, Isaac-Cane Run & Dicks River-10/27/1780-2,964 acres
  • Hogan, Richard-Cane Run-5/5/1780
  • Hogan, William-White Oak Creek-12/17/1781
  • Holloday, William-Boones Mill Creek-5/9/1781
  • Holsclaw, Jacob-Dicks River-7/27/1781
  • Honey, James-Salt River-4/17/1781
  • Howard, John-Elkhorn Creek-7/16/1774-2 tracts totaling 2,000 acres
  • Hoy, William-Tates Creek-6/8/1781-2 tracts dating before 1781
  • Hughes, Joseph-Pleasant Run & Cartwright Creek-6/29/1781-1,000 acres
  • Huntsman, Joseph-Hanging Fork & Green River-5/5/1781
  • Huston, Nathan-Dicks River-12/2/1781
  • Hynes, Andrew-Soverns Valley Creek-6/11/1781-2 tracts dating before 1781

Surnames Beginning with I

  • Ingles, William-Elkhorn Creek-7/17/1774-2 tracts totaling 3,000 acres
  • Inglish, Charles-Dicks River-2/23/1781-2 tracts dating before 1782
  • Irvine, Margaret-Town Fork & Salt River-3/26/1781

Surnames Beginning with J

  • James, Joseph-Hanging Fork & Dicks River-4/17/1781-1,000 acres
  • Johnson, Lewis-Dicks River-12/13/1781
  • Jones, Gabriel-Elkhorn Creek-6/25/1774-1 military tract consisting of 2,000 acres
  • Jones, John-Dicks River-4/21/1781-3 tracts before 1781

Surnames Beginning with K

  • Kennady, John-Paint Lick Branch-10/19/1780-14 tracts totaling 7,350 acres
  • Kenton, Simon-Town Fork & Salt River-11/26/1781-3 tracts dating before 1782
  • Kerr, James-Harrods Run-3/12/1781-2 tracts dating before 1782
  • Kilbreath, Evan-Hanging Fork & Dicks River-4/7/1781
  • Kincaid, Andrew-Dicks River-4/5/1781-issued 1 military tract totaling 50 acres in 1781
  • Kincaid, John Jr.-Silver Creek-2/12/1781
  • King, John-Pleasant Run-6/16/1781-1,000 acres
  • Kirkham, Samuel-Quirks Creek-3/3/1781
  • Kirtley, Francis-Dicks River-11/19/1781-military

Surnames Beginning with L

  • Larue, John-Gess Creek-3/8/1781-1,000 acres
  • Lawson, John-Ohio River-5/26/1774-1,000 acres
  • Lee, Henry-Mill Creek-7/20/1781-1,000 acres
  • Lee, John-Panther Creek-9/2/1780-1,000 acres
  • Lent, William-Simpson Creek-10/3/1780
  • Lewis, Aaron-Pleasant Run-6/29/1781
  • Lewis, Andrew-Sinking Creek-7/8/1775-2 tracts consisting of 5,000 acres
  • Lewis, Charles-Elkhorn Creek-6/28/1774-2,000 acres
  • Lewis, John-Elkhorn Creek-6/30/1774-2,000 acres
  • Lewis, John with May, Richard-Hardin Creek-7/21/1781-1,000 acres
  • Logan, Benjamin-Branch of Kentucky River-6/7/1775-10 tracts dating before 1782 consisting of 5,406 acres
  • Logan, James-Hanging Fork & Dicks River-4/3/1781-2 tracts dating before 1782
  • Logan, John-Dicks River-4/12/1781-6 tracts consisting of 3,800 acres
  • Logan, Nathaniel-Dicks River-4/21/1781-2 tracts totaling 1,400 acres
  • Logan, William-Clarks Run-8/11/1781-4 tracts totaling 1,400 acres
  • Love, Phillip-Elkhorn Creek-7/7/1774-2,000 acres

Surnames Beginning with M

  • Madison, Ambrose-Panther Creek-9/3/1780-1,000 acres
  • Madison, Roland-Hanging Fork-8/1/1781
  • Madison, Thomas-Harrods Run-10/29/1780
  • MaGary, Hugh-Shawnee Run-10/16/1780-2 tracts dating before 1782
  • Manifee, Garrard-Cedar Creek & Dicks River-7/9/1781
  • Manifield, William-Cedar Creek-2/17/1781
  • Manifee, William-Dicks River-5/15/1780
  • Manson, Peter-Rolling Fork-7/21/1781-1,000 acres
  • Marshall, Markham-Hanging Fork & Dicks River-3/31/1781
  • Martin, Jonathan-Boons Creek-9/28/1780-2 tracts totaling 1,400 acres
  • Martin, Joseph-Dicks River-7/4/1781
  • Mason, James-Dicks River-3/29/1781
  • Maxwell, John-Paint Lick Creek-2/9/1781
  • Maxwell, Thomas-Kentucky River-11/17/1775-3 tracts dating before 1782
  • May, John-Salt River-7/21/1781-This individual owned tens of thousands of acres after 1782
  • May, William-Green River-7/28/1781-Same as his relative, John above. Both individuals owned tens of thousands of acres after 1782
  • Mercer, Hugh-Elkhorn Creek-6/28/1774-5 tracts totaling 12,000 acres
  • Meredith, Samuel-Elkhorn Creek-7/11/1774-2 tracts dating before 1782
  • Mitchell, David-Cox Creek-3/26/1781
  • Moffett, George-Turkey Creek-7/1/1775-2 acres totaling 2,000 acres
  • Montgomery, John-Dicks River-2/20/1781-3 tracts dating before 1782
  • Montgomery, Thomas-Green River-6/15/1781
  • Montgomery, William-Green River-6/23/1781-3 tracts dating before 1782
  • Montgomery, William Jr.-Green River-5/4/1781-3 tracts dating before 1782
  • Moore, Captain James-Beargrass Creek-6/8/1781-military
  • Moore, Samuel-Knob Lick-4/9/1781
  • Moore, Simon-Shawnee Run-7/15/1780-1,000 acres
  • Moore, William-Crab Orchard Run-10/27/1780
  • Myers, Jacob-Pleasant Run-7/20/1781-9 tracts dating before 1782. This individual owned tens of thousands of acres after 1782

The surnames beginning with Mc are not included in this segment but will appear in our next installment. Piedmont Trails also has family files on many of the individuals named in this article. The files, stored in the attic or research room, are among thousands of documents, notes, and more that we have on hand about early colonial families. However, we are attempting further research on Meredith Helm and Margaret Irvine. If you have more information about them, please let us know. A new page on the website will be released soon containing a database of our files in the attic. Stay tuned for updates. Our next segment on Kentucky families before 1782 will be arriving soon. Until then, Enjoy Your Journey to the Past.


  • Certificate Book of the Virginia Land Commission, 1779-1780 by Virginia Land Commission. Southern Historical Press Easley, South Carolina 1981
  • Deed Books 1780-1909 Kentucky Historical Society published 1966 13 microfilm reels courtesy of Family Search
  • Early Kentucky Land Records by Neal O Hammon. Filson Club Louisville, Kentucky 1992
  • Fincastle & Kentucky County, VA-Ky by Michael L Cook and Bettie A Cook. Cook Publications Evansville, Indiana 1987
  • Index for old Kentucky Surveys & Grants by Joan Brookes-Smith. Kentucky Historical Society published 1975. 1 microfilm reel courtesy of Family Search
  • Photo of cabin located near Jackson, Kentucky circa 1940 courtesy of the Library of Congress

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