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Attic Files Update

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!! We have a few updates to share with you. Today, we have added over a hundred surnames to our online library. You can find these by clicking the Attic Files collection tab on our profile page. We are adding additional details for each one over the next few weeks. The total count as it stands right now is 339. We are nearly halfway, which is good. After you click on the Attic Files collection, you will see this screen.

The names are not in alphabetical order, but you can use the search tab for quick reference. Note the center blocks on the screen giving important places, important events, and important names. If the blocks are empty, additional details have not been added yet for that surname. Below is a screen shot how the blocks appear with the details added. More names are due to appear over the coming weeks.

If you click on the surname, the screen appears as below. Some of these have additional information on the Description tab, circled in the photo.

Click on the Descriptions tab and you will arrive to this screen. Here you can read more about the contents of the file.

As stated earlier, we are near the halfway point and will continue adding the surnames over the coming weeks. If you have questions, please let us know. To access the contents of the files, you will need to contact us, either my email, regular mail or on the website contact form. We will gladly pull the files and search for your requested information when time permits. We just returned from a groundwork expedition and will be processing that data over the remainder of the week. And don’t forget about our Live Stream scheduled this Sunday, February 26th @ 7:30 pm. Until then, enjoy your journey today to the past.

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  1. Carol,

    Hi . amazed at your work and its continuing focus.

    This might/might be a page that you could link to. It contains collections of some publications not available anywhere else that I know of.

    Certain lines here connect to the Great Wagon Road story, especially as it relates to the Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois connections.

    Regards, Steve.

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