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March 2023 Live Stream Updates

We are excited about this month’s live stream. We encourage everyone to join us as we discuss genealogy and history. Ordinarily, we give a small presentation from our research or share information from our various projects. But for this live stream in March, we wanted to do something different that encourages you and everyone on their journey to the past. Do you need reassurance or a boost to go that extra mile? Or maybe you have questions about our research or from one of our presentations? We all seek the answers to our many questions, don’t we? Sometimes, the road can be weary and confusing, but together, we will prevail. Together, we can find the answers to our questions and solve the mysteries of the past. The first thing we must do is to have confidence in our journey. Set your goals and follow your instincts. Believe in yourself today and every day. For these reasons, the lineup for March’s live stream will concentrate on your journey, questions you may have, and answers you may have to help others. It will be a live conversation among courageous people like you who dare to discover the past. Be excited! We can’t wait to spend the evening talking about our endeavors with you.

We are welcoming you and your friends to attend this event. We will go live on the YouTube Piedmont Trails channel on March 26th at 7:30 pm eastern time and 6:30 pm central time. Gather your notes, bring your ancestors, and let’s add encouragement and confidence to our journeys. We may not find the answers right away, but together, as a group of investigators, we can build a plan to reach our goal. Remember, you are a natural investigator. You have instincts that guide you to the past. Accept your gift and share it with others. One of the best parts of our journey is the capability to share with someone who yearns to know more. That’s you, my friend. Be that person that opens the door for someone.

FYI: if you have not subscribed to our website, we encourage you to do that today. We are adding new material and information on the site daily. Don’t miss out on these new additions. We recently updated our Migrations Page, Family Page, and more. Don’t forget about the surname files located on our online library page. If you’ve submitted a request for more data, we have not forgotten you. You are on our response list, we promise. We receive an average of twenty emails, regular mail, and website comments daily. If you count back to November of last year when we were on our ground expeditions until January, you can imagine how far behind we are. But we will prevail, just like you on your journey. All of us can and will succeed. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

If you have questions about our presentations, bring them to the March live stream. If you have questions about maps, records, road data, or family surnames, bring them with you. Bring your suggestions, answers, and comments to share with others. Bring your success stories to encourage someone who is struggling. Join us for this special event and enjoy your journey today to the past.

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