American Revolutionary War

A List In South Carolina 1780

For those who have studied South Carolina during the summer of 1780, you know the number of battles that took place and the thousands of patriots captured, wounded, or killed. After the Battle of Camden on August 16th, forty-five skirmishes were to come before the end of the year. Over two thousand men would become prisoners by November. What happened to these captives? Were they released, or did they succumb to sickness and death? We have a specific interest in a particular list because it names not only the officers’ first and last names but also mentions their servants’ names. The confined men resided at Haddrell’s Point, near the Hog Island channel. We know the stories and the history of the officers who were prisoners, but we don’t know what happened to their servants. Did they survive?

Officer NameServant NameAdditional Servant Notes
Brown, CharlesCharlesdeserted
Elliott, JosephBacchusdeserted
Fraser, Alex?deserted
Gadsden, ThomasJimmysick
Hamilton, JohnHectorsick
Hazzard, WilliamCaindeserted
Kennedy, JamesBrownguard, Gaspdeserted
Lining, CharlesMiller, Adam?
Petree, GeorgeTom?
Pinckey, CharlesToby?
Russell, WilliamDunwick, Peter?
Theus, SimeonBoatswain?
Turner, GeorgeFletcher, Isaac?
Ward, JohnHectorsick

We are working on this as time permits, but if you have more information, we would love to hear from you.

Source: South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine Volumes VII published 1906

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