Attic Files

Attic Files Update

To quickly view the description for the surname files, we’ve added one additional step. Once you’ve arrived at the main profile page, click on Attic Files. The new step is to click on the Member tab located next to the Style button. See photo below circled in red. This step will quickly show you the detailed description that we’ve added to the listings. The page should look like the photo below. Once you’ve achieved this, you can use the search tab in the upper right-hand corner and search the surnames.

The above screen shows Motsinger, Noah, Copeland, and Elkins surnames. The location for each family is given in accordance with what we have in our files. This is what you see in the first column. Next, you see a series of dates or events. The dates are from the material we have on hand for that family. We have lineage and documents on many of these families dating to present-day. Next, you will see a list of names. In most cases, this is the earliest family member we have for that particular file. Please note that some of this information will change over time as we add the data to the online library. We will include more information in the events column describing important life events, such as the American Revolutionary War participation, indentured servitude, migration, and more.

Thank you so much for your response to this project. Sharing our family files was always top priority and we will continue updating this process and adding the information over the coming months.

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  1. How to I get to the Page displayed in your latest Attic Files update?
    I see no links to Attic Files in A site SEARCH for “attic files” turns up the blog updates, none of which show a link to the actual Attic Files.

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