Colonial Indentured Servants Project

Colonial Indentured Servants Project Update: April 2023

We have updates from the Colonial Indentured Servants Project this week. The project decided to create additional pages on the website. The new pages will allow quicker search and navigation through the data. Three colonies will now have a separate page, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. Each page will contain the names of the indentured servants, with the date of arrival and the master’s name, if available. We have traced the footsteps of these individuals as much as possible, and their lineage is now among our Attic Family Files. We will add these files to the online library site with more details. If we have confirmed the person’s death during servitude, the documentation will appear near the name on the new pages. In addition to these changes, we are creating another page for the ship’s history dating from the 17th to the mid-18th centuries. The information will include the ship’s name, captain’s name, history, owners/partners, departure dates, arrival dates, cargo, and other relevant information. The current project page will be the base for the new additions. In saying this, the current page may be unavailable during the next few weeks as we add the new material.

The response to the project since 2020 has always been positive. We receive tips and clues from others constantly. We appreciate your interest in the project so much. We want the names of all indentured servants to be remembered, and we are succeeding with that goal. If you have information that you would like to share with the project, please use the form on the contact page or email us directly. Those who have not visited the project page, here is the link. Colonial Indentured Servants Project Page

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