Genealogy #OffTheGrid

Resource List from Podcast Episode#43

The latest podcast referenced some great resources for North Carolina church records. We have decided to add them as part of our Genealogy#offthegrid category. The main subject for the show was religion and politics and how these actions affect our genealogy research today. Valuable sources are listed below for Quakers, Baptists, Methodists, Moravians, and Lutherans. If you’ve not listened to the show, click the link for quick access. Episode#43 Enjoy Your Journey to the Past.

  • Engel, Katherine Carte :Religion & Profit Moravians in Early America published by University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2009 pp. 82-83, 152, 173
  • Charleston Baptist Association established 1751Philadelphia Baptist Association established 1707
  • Sandy Creek Baptist Association established 1758
  • Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church records established 1779 in Tennessee
  • Jersey Settlement Church records
  • Sandy Creek Church records
  • Hendricks, Garland A. :Saints and Sinners at Jersey Settlement published by Charity & Children Thomasville, North Carolina 1964 pp. 2-12, 14-21.
  • Teague, Bobbie T. :Cane Creek: Mother of Meetings published by Friendly Desktop Publishing Greensboro, North Carolina 1995 pp. 11, 13, 15-22.
  • Hilty, Hiram H. :New Garden Friends Meeting: The Christian People Called Quakers published by The North Carolina Friends History Society Greensboro, North Carolina 1983 pp. 3, 5, 9-11.
  • Paschal, George Washington :History of North Carolina Baptists published by North Carolina Baptist State Convention Raleigh, North Carolina 1930 pp. 316-321, 325-327
  • Edwards, Morgan :History of the Baptists in North Carolina published 1813
  • Morgan, Jacob L. :History of the Lutheran Church in North Carolina 1803-1953 published by United Evangelical Lutheran Synod of North Carolina Raleigh, North Carolina 1953 pp. 13-25
  • Moravian Archives Bethlehem, Pennsylvania & Unity Archives Herrnhut, Saxony, Germany & Moravian Church Manuscripts held at John Rylands Library Manchester, England
  • United Methodist Church Records Duke University Library Archives & Manuscript Collection Durham, North Carolina
  • Divinity Archive Collection: Manuscripts Durham, North Carolina
  • Dromgoole, Edward, personal papers 1770-1871
  • Various personal notes, collections, maps from research on several families in the piedmont region of North Carolina

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  1. My Austins ancestors I believe wwere among these Baptist. My Grandfather never waivered from his faith in that church and as I trace his ancestry back to Union Co NC many of those Baptist Church were there during early times to lead me to believe they were all Baptist.

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    • Hi genreport767820332 and I agree with what you’re saying. Union County is home to the famous Methodist Pleasant Grove Camp Meeting Site. Many believe that a church building once stood on the site. I’ve not researched the property, but it would be interesting to know. The camp site dates to circa 1825 or 1830.


    • A great many Austin members in this area as well as Newsome, Philemon, Liles, Ashcraft, many others. Simmons, Leonards, Marsh, I could go on and on. Last year, I was tracing the remnants of the old Sugar and Wine Road. Wasn’t that renamed to Austin Mill Road?

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