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First of all, allow me to introduce myself to you, My name is Carol. Piedmont Trails descended from my passion for genealogy and history. Family stories and family reunions began my journey but it wasn’t until a school assignment was given to me in the 7th grade that forever changed my outlook to genealogy and history. Mrs. Tatum, my English teacher from Walkertown Junior High School, required the entire class to complete a family genealogy book report consisting of no less than 3 generations. I was reluctant with this task at first, but quickly went into overdrive when I began gathering the information from my parents and grandparents. This was truly a life changing experience for me and from that day forward it was all about the desire to learn more.

It wasn’t until September of 2017 when the birth of Piedmont Trails came into being. To shorten up the years in between, I can only describe them with words such as Fascinating, Amazing, Treasures, Adventures, a Lifetime Journey. Of course, I followed the normal paths of life as well with common daily routines and work. I married and had a family of my own, two wonderful sons that have given me such joy over the years. I also have grandchildren who are angels that just happen to live here on earth as well. My family has always reached deeper than those surrounding me. A journey filled with simplicity at first with names and dates and so on. Then turning into a journey filled with a personal understanding about my ancestors. Getting to know them through personal letters, actions and more became a real turning point for me and it turned the tides of research and placed me on a different path. With history, I am the same. Seeking the details of the details to completely understand why the Battle of Camden happened this way or why Thomas Jefferson abused his friendship with John Adams. Why the Civil War was inevitable from the start.

As you probably have already guessed, I own many books and filing cabinets to hold all of this information I’ve accumulated over the years. These various materials, maps, books and genealogy collected should not be stored without the light of day and this is how Piedmont Trails came into being. The name, Piedmont Trails, pertains to the piedmont area of North Carolina where I grew up filled with childhood memories, old family stories and history. From humble beginnings long ago, I set out on the task of learning and I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m still learning and so thankful for each new discovery. Looking back now, I laugh at myself as I remember that book report. Then I sit back and reflect on all the memories I now have. Yes, it’s been an amazing Journey!!

Piedmont Trails Projects

These are projects that are currently on my desk. The Great Wagon Road Project is a Huge one and will be years in completing. The others are simply passionate subjects for me. I am constantly searching for historical and genealogical materials, so don’t be surprised if I add more the list as time goes on. If any of these topics carry an interest with you, let me know. There is nothing better than working together !!

The Great Wagon Road Project

This project is dedicated to preserving The Great Wagon Road and declaring it’s importance as a national historic trail. The road originated from the Indian Trail known as The Great Warriors’ Path and extended from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Augusta, Georgia. The project was created in October of 2019 and comprises of several volunteers who are seeking proof and documentation of the road. To learn more about this, simply click on the photo above and visit the Great Wagon Road Project page.

Update: Ground Research is currently postponed until March of 2021 due to Covid-19.

The Study of Indentured Servants

This project is brand new for me. I have always been fascinated with the actual numbers of indentured servants during the colonial period. I began the concentrated research in December of 2019. Majority of history books, articles, etc. proclaim that 75% of the colonial population were indentured servants, especially for the colony of Virginia. Through all of my years of research, I have simply not found this to be the case. So, I am conducting a personal study into the actual numbers per colony for each indentured servant I am able to locate. If you have information on this topic, please let me know.

The History of The Yadkin Valley Railroad

Another new project for 2020, I am currently researching the rich history of the Yadkin Valley Railroad. Spanning a distance just shy of 100 miles, this rail line is filled with history and fascinating stories. I am putting together a mixture of photos, history and family stories about the line and how it has contributed to the piedmont counties in North Carolina. If you have information about this historic railroad, please let me know.

(Update: This project has been cancelled until June, 2021 due to Covid-19)

Have Questions About Piedmont Trails?

May I copy your material and pictures for my own site?

All of the contents on Piedmont Trails are protected by copyright laws. Contact me for permission in writing prior to using any of these materials in a public manner.

Do you offer genealogy help?

Yes, I have offered my help to many all through the years. The best way to do this is email me or message me on social media.

Are you available to give a presentation at our next meeting?

Yes, but, I am no longer available for an on-site presentation. I have conducted several online video presentations and this method works much better for me and my schedule. I do still require a 30 day notice prior to event.

We would like to use some of your material for our next genealogy workshop/society meeting.

That is just fine with me. Simply apply credit where credit is due and notifying me would be nice as well.

Photo of my Great Great Grandfather, John Louis Motsinger(1865-1941)

Piedmont Trails is dedicated to my ancestors. It is because of them and their personal journey that has enabled me to create this. I admire their courage and share the experiences they endured during their lives. This has been an amazing journey for me personally and I’m happy to share it with all you.

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