Carol’s Bio

Hi, my name is Carol

Author & Creator of Piedmont Trails

Genealogy and history have played significant roles in my life since I was twelve. I grew up listening to family stories recited by my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. My love for the past is genuine and dwells deep within my heart. My most precious memories as a kid are the visits with my grandparents. I longed for the stories of their childhood, and I cherish those moments. I was assigned a book report in the 7th grade from my English teacher, Mrs. Tatum. The assignment was to collect information about your family for three generations. My report was over ten pages, and I received an A for my efforts. But my life changed because of that English assignment. I became more focused on the past and my ancestors. I began keeping notes and learning about census records, wills, and local history. At the age of twelve, I discovered my lifelong journey to the past.

My experiences are over forty years of studying colonial documents and researching local history. You may remember Rootsweb; I was a primary volunteer with the genealogy site for years before Ancestry purchased the domain. I also contributed and worked with many North Carolina genealogical and historical organizations. I’ve held elected offices and occupied board positions representing many non-profit societies over the years. In 2017, I challenged myself and created Piedmont Trails. Piedmont Trails is my way of sharing my journey with you. Over the past three years, I introduced several projects, such as the Great Wagon Road Project, the Colonial Indentured Servants Project, and several others. I conduct and maintain these projects on a national scale. After five years, Piedmont Trails continues to grow daily and this chapter in my life has been nothing less than amazing.