North Carolina In Civil War

This page features North Carolina and surrounding states during the Civil War. Rare material, books, other documents, and family stories are listed below in alphabetized order. A brief description accompanies each link to provide additional information. The surrounding states cover Virginia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Piedmont Trails shares the past by traveling through the years of 1861 to 1865. Enjoy Your Journey !!

North Carolina seceded from the union on May 20, 1861. Many family stories begin at this point, demonstrating draft-dodging, loyalty, desertion, and much more. The majority of North Carolina men who fought for the Confederacy did not own slaves. Battle details concerning Fort Fisher, Fort Anderson, Wyse Fork, Monroe’s Crossroads, Goldsboro Bridge, and much more will appear over time. Family stories revealing details of life and the war will gradually make their appearance on the page. Join the Journey with Piedmont Trails as we explore time travel to the Civil War years.

14th Colored Infantry Regiment, United States Army, Sutler’s Ledger 1864-1866 Troops were organized in Gallatin, Tennessee

Confederate Rolls of South Carolina

Daily Dispatch-Richmond, Virginia newspaper archives 1860-1865

North Carolina Confederate Pension Applications

South Carolina Newspaper Archives 1862-1866

The Civil War in Chowan County, North Carolina by Richard Dillard 1916

The Valley of The Shadow-excellent site containing details from Augusta County, Virginia and Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Virginia Civil War Archives by Library of Virginia