Live Stream & More

Live streams, podcasts, and more are now all part of Piedmont Trails. Each of these contains a priceless amount of data, resources, and information pertaining to genealogy and history. Subjects range from early migration roads to specific family histories detailing the individuals and their lives. Sources range from years of collecting various materials during the past forty years. A brief list of these would include maps, journals, land deeds, oral history, videos, recorded verbal conversations, copies of census records, copies of tax records, numerous books, letters, newspaper articles, estate records, obituaries, and much more. It is not possible to list every collected source, but of the most valuable sources in the collection are the various church records dating from the 17th-century to the mid-19th-century in the states of North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Indiana. Church histories contain a vast amount of genealogy and local history.

Several options are available with each of these formats, and joining the journey is as easy as saving the date on your calendar. The live streams are promoted on the Piedmont Trails YouTube channel the last Sunday of each month beginning @ 7:30 pm eastern time. The podcast features several platforms such as Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Overcasts, Pocket Casts, Spotify, and RadioPublic. The shows air once a month, and details about each episode are in the description area before listening. Follow your interest according to your current research and join the journey with Piedmont Trails.

Choose one or both. It’s your choice. The Piedmont Trails YouTube channel features Live From The Attic. The Piedmont Trails Podcast just recently celebrated the second anniversary of broadcasting episodes of genealogy and history.