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Month of April 2020

Plans have changed as I’m sure that a great many of you have done this as well during these past few weeks. I had planned a few road trips for the month of April, but due to our current national crisis, these have been placed on hold until further notice. In the meantime, I have adjusted my schedule to hopefully intrigue you with a few exciting additions this month. I will also be concentrating on the Migrations Page by adding more data for current trails listed and a few new additions, highlighting a few lesser known trails of the early to mid 18th century. I will also be adding new additions to the French and Indian War Military Links page which should be able to encourage your research within the war years. I will be adding recipes from the garden this month concentrating on those hardy vegetables and how they were used in various dishes. Be sure to check the North Carolina Links page as well as the United States Link page for updates all throughout the month. Let’s concentrate on a safe journey by keeping our distance from others and sharing our smile along the way. Enjoy Your April Journey !!

New Arrivals By Piedmont Trails For April 2020 !!

1-“Colonial Indentured Servants Discussion”-This topic will be shared on Piedmont Trails new YouTube channel. The video will go into depth about locating these records and exactly what documents are available. A brief history will also be given with numerous links for researching the subject further. There is so little of this vital information available in our genealogy world. If you suspect your ancestors were colonial indentured servants, you will not want to miss this video. Arriving by April 9th !!

2-“State Of Franklin”– This article will give you the facts about the State of Franklin in present day Tennessee. The events that lead to the proposal of Franklin are just as important as the steps taken to oppose the state and introduce Tennessee to the union. If you have always been intrigued by the history of Franklin, this article will highlight the amazing people involved and exactly what was going on with their lives. These facts shed new light on the history of Franklin which should be preserved for future generations. Arriving by April 23rd !!

3-“Live Chat EventsSunday, April 12th 7:30pm to 8:00pm and April 26th 7:30pm to 8:00pm”. These live chat events are held on Piedmont Trails Facebook Group page. I discuss everything and anything about genealogy and history on a LIVE format. I love doing these segments with the group members. If you would like to join me, simply click on the link and request to join the group. Please be sure to answer the questions presented to you in order to be eligible for entry. We just want to make sure you are a real person and not a fake facebook account.

4-“Genealogy#OffTheGrid SeriesLove Story of My Grandparents Part Two“-During this article, I will share a few of my personal grandparents letters that they wrote to one another prior to their wedding date of July 4th, 1936.

5-“Podcast Episode #008-“Researching Genealogy During These Historic TImes” This is a segment in regards to my Genealogy#OffTheGrid series. Now that many of you have broaden your horizons of research to offline techniques, how do you research while dealing with the closures of so many state archives and nonprofit organizations? Listen in on this episode and understand how you can achieve your genealogy goals while dealing with the current crisis of our nation. Arriving by April 2nd !!

6-“Great Wagon Road Project Updates-Traveling To Salisbury 1764”-This article was actually scheduled last month, but due to schedule changes beginning mid March, the article was not completed in time for publishing on Piedmont Trails. The volunteers are still continuing research for the North Carolina area and the deadline for this segment has been extended until October 1st. This article should be available by April 5th !!

7-“Special Podcast Episode #009-Early Settlers of Rowan County, North Carolina!!-This episode will solely be about the first early settlers who arrived in present day Rowan County from the 1740’s to the 1760’s. This broadcast will go into detail about these early surnames, their origins and their life while in Rowan County. If you have relatives who lived in this area from this time period, you will not want to miss this special podcast. Arriving by April 16th !!

We are all living in historical times, I’m sure you would agree with me in saying this. Our normal lives are not so normal at the moment. Many are at home while others are still working along the front lines. My mind tells me to be weary while my heart hurts for those who are suffering. And yet, life goes on, doesn’t it? I’ve witnessed amazing things these past few weeks and I’ve heard of stories filled with such loving compassion that it’s hard at times to take it all in. I wake up each morning, Thankful for another day and I try my best to remain positive and share my smile as much as possible. We will get through this time in our lives, that I have no doubt. I wish each and every one of you the absolute best in the days ahead. Stay Safe, My Friends !!

Enjoy Your April Journey With A Smile !!


Enjoy Your Journey !!