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Welcome to the News & Updates Page of Piedmont Trails. This page brings you the upcoming events on a monthly basis. Examples of events are free webinars, free genealogy workshops, podcast episodes, live chat events, and much more. This page will also provide you with detailed website updates, such as research links, family pages and upcoming article topics. Follow the page to stay up to date with latest additions and join the journey. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Piedmont Trails.

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Month of January 2020

Excitement is in the air as 2020 begins. A new chapter launches as we all make new plans and resolutions for the new year. This time of year always brings a change in the wind filled with fresh air that is crisp and brand new. Wishing each of you a very special Happy New Year as you begin your journey into the Roaring Decade of 2020. Piedmont Trails embraces the new year with more footsteps to follow and many discoveries to make. The calendar is set, marked and ready to go. I’m looking forward to this new year with you all as we move forward with the preservation of the past.

Upcoming Scheduled Events !!

Early Settlers of Catawba River, NC Segment 2 This segment will discuss settlers who traveled west of the Yadkin River during the years of 1740-1750.

Early Settlements of Tennessee This article will give the history of Tennessee prior to statehood. Surnames, migration trails and more will be featured with this article.

Genealogy #OffTheGrid My personal journey with church artifacts and records. Also a featured article about music and how it influenced my family tree.

Great Wagon Road Project Update & Meetings Two meetings are scheduled for January 16th & 18th for project members. A special article will be published with updates on the project.

Video Release How Oral Family Stories Can Add To Your Family Tree This episode will discuss how family stories can add clues, names, events and even tips for your genealogy research. How to also add these timeless conversations and interviews on your family tree software.

Podcast Episode 006 How Important Is Religion To Your 18th Century Family Research? This video will demonstrate why religion is such an important factor when researching your 18th century ancestor. Religious customs and traditions give you details about your ancestors on a more personal level. Also, techniques will be given on how to research religion and churches to locate documents pertaining to your family ancestors.

Live Chat Event Scheduled for January 23rd from 11am until 1pm on the facebook group page. Various topics are discussed with these events pertaining to genealogy and history.

New Research Links will be added to the research pages for both US and NC, Recipes, New updates on the Military page and Updates on the Migration Page as well all throughout the month of January.

I love beginning a new chapter and 2020 is a good place to start. I have my goals set for this year with the addition of 2 new projects. Be sure to set your goals for the year and create a schedule that works best for you and your family. Wishing you all a Happy New Year !! ~Carol

Enjoy Your Journey !!