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Month of December 2020

Piedmont Trails is so excited for the month of December to begin. Major updates will occur all throughout the month on the website to end the year of 2020. Welcome December as new research investigations are launched with North Carolina, the American Revolutionary War and George Washington’s spy #355 and so much more. Exciting news will be announced, which involves the weekly Live Chat Events. Stay tuned as preparations are made for this reconstruction. New pages will be highlighted as others will be removed completely. Examples of these are Footstep Tracking, which will be removed entirely, and Recipes, which will be moved to a different location within the site. Plans for the Footstep Tracking method will be announced in January 2021, and the excitement continues to grow as Piedmont Trails broadens the horizons and embraces the many avenues that enable us to share genealogy and history in a free and useful format. Join in with all of this exciting news by sharing your thoughts, suggestions and comments. The goal of Piedmont Trails rings loud and clear this month as we welcome Christmas and the New Year. Wishing you and all of your family and friends a very special Merry Christmas and a super fantastic Happy New Year. Enjoy Your Journey Today To The Past!!

What’s New On The Podcast This Month?

Episode #18 will be focused on the early inhabitants along the Rocky River in North Carolina. This waterway encompasses approx. 95 miles beginning in present day Iredell County and empties into the Pee Dee River just north of Norwood. The show will highlight the early settlers who arrived to the area prior to 1760. Don’t miss this exciting episode as over thirty surnames are mentioned with details into family lineage and history.

Weekly Live Chats

Each week, a LIVE CHAT EVENT takes place on the Piedmont Trails Facebook group page. These chats occur every Sunday evening @ 7:30 pm eastern time. This is an exclusive opportunity to join in with the conversation over a live feed. The main topics are Genealogy and US History. The detailed subject manner changes from week to week covering various timelines and locations. The live feed usually lasts from 30 to 40 minutes and goes into detail about the genealogy and history of a specific location and time period. What records are available? How to find the records? And so much more. Join the conversation by becoming a group member. Excitement grows as you meet new friends, and share family stories and memories. Constructive ideas, genealogy resources, document preservation and so much more contributing to your family research. Historical maps, early settlement establishment from the colonial period to the mid 19th century are fascinating topics ranging from early roads to the onset of the railroads. What can be more fun than sharing genealogy and history with friends? Encouraging you to join the Journey with Piedmont Trails and become a new member today.

Special Note: Changes are arriving soon for the LIVE CHAT EVENTS. Stay tuned as preparations are made for this reconstruction. Thanks Everyone and Enjoy Your Journey To The Past!!

Piedmont Trails Arrives on Rumble

Excitement grows as Piedmont Trails moves to Rumble this month. Setting up the channel is well underway. The development of this communication is so exciting as a fresh new outlook appears filled with details of our history and genealogy. Be sure to visit the new Piedmont Trails Rumble channel and subscribe.

December Articles, Website Updates, Project News & So Much More

Researching a particular subject or topic changes from month to month on Piedmont Trails. With all the ongoing projects taking place, articles are based depending on the research that is taking place. The American Revolutionary War will be featured this month as a probe is opened with the spies associated with George Washington and identifying spy #355. Another article is possible as the history of the Lutheran church is investigated in the North Carolina area during the 18th century. This subject has been ongoing for many years as Piedmont Trails determines surnames and family lineage associated with these early churches. Updates from the Research Team on the GWR Project will also be shared, as investigations are enhanced with new discoveries along the route through North Carolina.

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