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Month of September 2020

The September Schedule will be filled with family history, colonial documents, a few maps and can’t forget about those early families and their stories from the 18th century !! Yes, hard to find materials for family surnames from Maine to Georgia during the 1700s will be arriving this month!! Piedmont Trails has been strolling through old files of research and can’t wait to share all of this with you. The September Journey will also be stepping back in time to the days of the American Revolutionary War and sharing the real stories of the people who were there. It is also a special occasion this month as Piedmont Trails will be celebrating 3 years of sharing our journey with you !! Excitement fills the upcoming autumn breezes as we begin a new season !! Stay Tuned as the details of all of these events and more are added on the page!! Welcome September 2020 !!

What’s New On The Podcast This Month?

New show arriving by September 10th discussing the early roads of South Carolina during the years of 1720-1770. This episode will be sharing the details about the colony itself and how so many roads were developed, maintained and controlled. Trade was very important to early inhabitants and the conversation will bring to light the importance of both trade and travel within the boundaries of the area known today as South Carolina. Do you have ancestors who were living in this area during the colonial period? Many resources will be shared as well to further your genealogy journey. Approximate Air Time Length will be 30 to 40 minutes.

What’s New On The YouTube Channel This Month?

The subject for the September YouTube video will be revealed by the 15th. Piedmont Trails hopes to enhance the video experience for our viewers during the upcoming months. In order to accomplish this, new features are being tested. So stay tuned as mid September will reveal more details.

Weekly Live Chats

Each week, we hold a LIVE CHAT EVENT on the Piedmont Trails facebook group page. These chats occur every Sunday evening @ 7:30 pm eastern time. This is an exclusive opportunity to join in with the conversation over a live feed. The main topics of discussion are Genealogy and US History. The detailed subject manner changes from week to week covering various timelines and locations. The live feed usually lasts from 30 to 40 minutes and goes into detail about the genealogy and history of a specific time period. What records are available? How to find the records? And so much more. Join the 1,000+ members and meet new friends, share ideas, resources, family stories and historical data. Enjoy Your Journey by becoming a group member of Piedmont Trails on facebook.

September Articles, Website Updates, Project News & So Much More

Several new articles are planned for this month as well as news & updates from the Great Wagon Road Project. New recipes will be arriving from a nineteenth century cookbook and major updates will be occurring on the Early Migrations page. Be sure to subscribe to Piedmont Trails, it’s FREE and only requires your email address. By subscribing, you will receive first notice whenever new material is added to Piedmont Trails. This is the best method to stay up to date with all new additions and best of all, it’s FREE. Be sure to visit all of the pages on the website. You can find links to these on the home page. Let us know that you are here by clicking “Like” on the articles or by posting a comment. It is always a joy to hear from so many joining the journey of Piedmont Trails.

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