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Month of March 2021

Winter is nearing the end as we welcome March and the splendor of spring. Genealogy and History travel with us as we embark on new journeys and pathways into yesterday. Don’t feel discouraged if libraries and universities are still closed to the public. Rejoice in the sources around you and discover the past using different techniques this month. History is changing right before our eyes. Yes, we all are living during historical times. Keep a journal for the future and share your daily experiences with the generations to come.

Scroll down the page to find the latest updates with Piedmont Trails for March. The schedule is alive and kicking with excitement as road trips approach concerning several projects, namely the largest, The Great Wagon Road Project. After several months of quietness, the time has arrived to get rolling again through the hills and valleys along this old road. Piedmont Trails has several meetings this month to get the project up and running after a winter slumber. Looking forward to seeing the “old gang” once again.

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What’s New On The Podcast This Month?

Season 2 Episode#21 You will not want to miss this show as the topic turns to the Moravian Lands In North Carolina. Learn the history behind the Moravians and their arrival into North Carolina. Discover how the lands changed the landscape, the people and the religion as time moves forward to the Civil War period. It will be an epic show airing by March 18th.

March Live Chat Event Canceled

Piedmont Trails embarked on a new platform with the Live Chat events last month. The only exception pertained to the number of participants allowed to enter the event. The room size allowed 25 attendees, and this became an issue with registrations last month. In the past, Piedmont Trails has used the Facebook platform, but problems with Live Streaming created a halt with the events. Comments posted live did not display and, this hampered the communications during the Live Chat. Piedmont Trails wants to continue the these events on a free platform for everyone with unlimited seating and screen option availabilities. The search continues. Stay tuned to new developments and, if you have suggestions, please let us hear from you.

Great Wagon Road Project Returns

The Great Wagon Road Project is back after taking a few months off during the winter months. March 15th is the launch date for the groundwork to continue for this national historic trail. Planned road trips are ahead for the month as well as getting back together with the team.

March Articles, Website Updates, Project News & So Much More

March articles will be numerous to say the least. Family genealogy, first western settlement in the mountains of North Carolina, new research links and other projects.

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