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Welcome to the News & Updates Page of Piedmont Trails. This page brings you the upcoming events on a monthly basis. Examples of events are free webinars, free genealogy workshops, podcast episodes, live chat events, and more. The page will also provide you with detailed website updates, such as research links, family pages, upcoming article topics and more. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Piedmont Trails.

Month of December 2019

Piedmont Trails welcomes Christmas and all of it’s glitter and twinkle. Cherished memories cascade through the chilly days and just may-be a glimpse of Santa too. The kitchen begins it’s overtime duties as the baking of cookies, pies and cakes are sifted together. Warm apple cider by the fireplace as the crackling of the hickory and oak begin their song. An old picture found of long ago with presents under the Christmas tree. Smiling little faces as they peer up at the camera. These are just a few joys of the season with treasures from the past, present and the future. Welcome to December with Piedmont Trails.

Upcoming Scheduled Events

Release of Podcast Episode 003-“Early Colonial Roads in America”. During this segment, I will discuss the various reasons why our ancestors left their New England homes to venture down the Great Wagon Road. I will mention several family surnames and their experiences along the trail.

Release of Podcast Episode 004-5 “Guidelines for Genealogy Research”. During this segment, I will give my personal guidelines for genealogy research. I will also share several of my experiences from many years ago when I first started with researching my family tree.

Live Chat Event scheduled Thursday, December 12th @ 10am until 1pm. This will be held on Piedmont Trails Facebook Group Page. I love bringing these events back to the group page. I will be live on the page discussing history and genealogy. Bring your questions, suggestions or comments.

New Video Release featuring “Footstep Tracking Method” This segment will bring more detail and demonstrations as well. Link will be provided for the video.

New Recipes added in honor of Christmas Past. New recipes will be added all throughout the month that are specially dear to Christmas and family traditions.

Genealogy #OffTheGridI will share a very special Christmas story filled with excitement, joy, laughter and a few tears.

New research links will be added and new blog articles as well featuring the Johnson Family of Stokes County, NC, First Settlers Along The Catawba River, North Carolina and a segment on the Great Wagon Road.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas this year !! May your joys outweigh any fears and doubts. May your wintry days be filled with a warm embrace as 2019 becomes a friend of the past.~~Carol

Enjoy Your Journey !!