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News & Events For The Month of May 2021

Jammed pack month is the best way to describe May. As the weather turns to warmer temperatures, the road trips and notebooks fill up quickly with adventures, old roads, and cemeteries. Let’s see what May has in store with Piedmont Trails. Join The Journey !!


For those who were not members of the Piedmont Trails Group Page on Facebook, you are not aware of the “Live Chats” that were held every Sunday @ 7:30 pm eastern time. The format allowed all attendees to participate by chatting live about genealogy and history. Our topics ranged from battles during the American Revolutionary War to migration paths during the 18th century. The concept mainly strived to provide knowledge and research materials focusing primarily on the period before 1850. Why? This period seems to be the most difficult for the majority when connecting with ancestors. Now that everyone is on the same page with the Live Chats, Piedmont Trails has finally found a platform that will allow the events to return. Google Meet brings together all the features that are important with our Live Chat Events. Plenty of seating for everyone, free to join the event, live video, live audio, live chatting via text, and closed-captioned. Screen sharing is available for Piedmont Trails, allowing screenshots of various materials, maps, and more.

How Do I Join The Live Chats?

One simple step is all that is needed to join. Submit a request by contacting Piedmont Trails. Upon receiving your request, you will receive a confirmation for your reserved seat and a link to the event via email. At the designated time and date, click the link, and you are there !!

Piedmont Trails Live Chat Scheduled for SUNDAY May 16th 8pm eastern time

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Subject: Great Wagon Road & Other Roads
Region: Virginia-Henry & Patrick Counties-Wart Mountain Area
Period: 1735 to 1770
The Great Wagon Road connected with many smaller lesser-known routes. The Live Chat will dig deeper into the Wart Mountain area of Patrick and Henry counties, Virginia. Discussing Five main roads that were active from 1735 to the onset of the American Revolutionary War in this specific region. The discussion will highlight the early settlers in the area and also discuss early forts, taverns and much more. The focus will concentrate on the rivers and creeks known as Irvine River, Mayo River, Pigg River, Wart Mountain Creek and more. Following will be a live discussion with all participants. Looking forward to seeing you all there on May 16th!!

Episode#23-The Family Secrets & How To Find Them

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Season 2 Episode#23 “The Family Secrets & How To Find Them”
Last month, the show discussed the structure of the family tree. The focus primarily brought attention to the vast amount of data, documents, and materials and how each of these relates to you directly. The family tree involves our personal journey to the past. Every detail of our ancestor’s lives affects our tree structure. This month, the podcast will go further with this concept by discussing the dark secrets of the past. Where to look for the skeletons in the closets and how to document these for future generations. The show will highlight different time periods and explain researching methods to uncover the hidden past. The podcast is scheduled to air by May 13th.

Great Wagon Road Project Meeting May 30th 8pm eastern time

The GWR Project team will be meeting on May 30th @ 8 pm. The research is very active in the Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina areas since March 15th of 2021. The new team platform is working great so far, and the completion of several tasks is encouraging as the project moves forward. A sneak peek of the new format, shared in the photo above, offers clues and hints of the multitude of tasks that are currently active. This meeting will be the first of 2021, after returning to ground and field research from a winter break. If you would like to learn more about the project, visit the Great Wagon Road Project page.

Piedmont Trails New Social Media Group

The new Piedmont Trails Genealogy Group is up and running on GenealogyWise. If you have not joined this super social media site, I urge you all to do so at once. Social media at its best and relating to genealogy. How much better could it get? The site is free to join and capture the complete essence of this platform. GenealogyWise is a service of the National Institute of Genealogical Studies. Webinars, Videos, Blogs, Articles, Groups, and so much more are available on this site. Once you are connected, set up your personal page, meet new friends, and join the new Piedmont Trails Genealogy Group. If you were one of our 1200 members on the facebook group page, unite with us and join the journey with all things genealogy on Piedmont Trails Genealogy.

*New Civil War Page Arrives*

*New Additions To The Migration Page Arriving In May*

New articles covering various subjects are arriving in May. Colonial ferries, family pages containing North Carolina surnames, and some weather events from the past. Look for all of this and more during the beautiful month of May.

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