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Month of July 2020

I have a list that is very long as I continue to wait for archives and libraries to reopen. I’m sure all of you are just as anxious as I am on returning back to normal life. March 17th has forever changed us all and I long for a full day at a local library digging into the special collections section. Meanwhile, life goes on and I have enjoyed researching the past few months which has allowed me to continue with my personal journey. Email correspondence has grown tremendously as well as postal deliveries at my door. Purchasing new and used books have increased my home library which will consist of a new project by month’s end, new book shelves. The July updates are listed below. Check also for updates and new research links on the pages of Piedmont Trails. Migrations Page, Military Links, North Carolina Links, United States Link and The Recipes From Long Ago. Are you keeping a personal journal? I urge everyone to write a few lines about your life as you know it, live it and vision it. The future generations will hear your voice and understand more clearly with your words.

New Arrivals By Piedmont Trails For July 2020 !!

1-“The Great Wagon Road”-This topic will be shared on Piedmont Trails new YouTube channel. The video will highlight the origins of this historic trail and how the road changed so many lives residing in the southern colonies. Research techniques will be shared on how you can trace your family along the route of the Great Wagon Road. Also new updates from the progress of the Great Wagon Road Project and what the project is all about. Arriving by July 9th !!

2-“State Of Franklin” Segment Three This article follows segment two of this series published last month. Due to the lack of two votes in Congress, the state of Franklin began to wait for the next session and the opportunity for a new vote count. Meanwhile, the local residents of Franklin were beginning to divide among themselves. Learn the details of this division and how it ended the pursuit of Franklin as an independent state. Arriving by July 9th !!

3-“Live Chat EventsEvery Sunday, July 5th, 12th, 14th and 26th 7:30pm to 8:00pm !!”. These live chat events are held on Piedmont Trails Facebook Group page. I discuss everything and anything about genealogy and history on a LIVE format. I love doing these segments with the group members. If you would like to join me, simply click on the link and request to join the group. Please be sure to answer the questions presented to you in order to be eligible for entry. I’ll be discussing land records, early roads and much more this month.

4-“Genealogy#OffTheGrid Series“Understanding Our Ancestors-Feelings Discovered Among Research”-I have one particular person in my family tree who went above and beyond normal duty when it came to family matters. Julie Ann Motsinger lived a long life but so much of her normal details are not known. Such as place of burial, baptism and so forth. According to record, she never married but stayed completely loyal to her family and often provided much needed direction in times of need. I share her story in hopes that you look beyond the realm of records and discover the true feelings associated with an action performed in the past. Genealogy is so much more than the paper trail or DNA test results. It’s the study of a person’s life here on earth. Their personal actions and feelings allows a full circumference of information to surface and breathes new life with your research. Achieving this obstacle brings you to the true meaning of genealogy. Arriving by July 4th !!

5-“Podcast Episode #011-“First Settlers of Abbotts Creek, Davidson County, NC “ The show will begin with a discussion about the early history of the Abbotts Creek area and the reasons why so many families decided to settle in this region of North Carolina during the 1750 decade. As the discussion continues, the episode will end with various surnames attributed to area by way of land grants, deeds, court documents and various other materials. If you are researching ancestors in this region during this time period, I encourage you to listen to the podcast. Arriving by July 16th !!

6-“Great Wagon Road Project Updates-New Road Versus Old Road”-This article will share updates from the project concerning the North Carolina area. Beginning in 1754, new roads were under construction due to the arrival of new families to the piedmont area. How did these new roads affect the Great Wagon Road? Learn more about this topic and much more from the Great Wagon Road Project. Arriving by July 25th !!

7-“Family Pages-The Real Story of Ruel Anderson Doss(1837-1914)”-With so many family trees that are available online these days, I often hear of so many that are filled with false information and bad sources. I recently viewed one of my ancestors portrayed in this manner and felt it was time to set the record straight. Ruel Doss is my 2nd Great Grandfather who lived in the Surry County, NC. area. Many trees proclaim him as another Ruel Doss who just happened to be living in the exact same area. This article will reveal the real Ruel Doss, my ancestor, and how it can be confusing to research genealogy and ignore the caution lights ahead. Arriving by July 30th !!

This nation will be 244 years young this July 4th of 2020. As celebrations are cancelled due to the current pandemic, my mind reflects back to the past, to the first celebrations of long ago. I can’t help but wonder how the generation of that time period would respond to the current events of today. But, then I quickly turn to my research at hand. My book pick for the month is 1776 by David McCullough. If you’ve not read it, I highly encourage you to put this one on your list. McCullough is one of my favorite authors and I’m fortunate to have several of his books on my shelves. I wish you all well during this 244th Birthday of our Country and may your discoveries among your family tree be many this month.

Enjoy Your July Journey !!


Enjoy Your Journey !!