The Great Wagon Road Project

Welcome To The Great Wagon Road Project

The Great Wagon Road Project is comprised of volunteers researching this fascinating road in our nation’s history. Sponsored by Piedmont Trails, this project has the ultimate goal of achieving National Historic Trail status while preserving the history and genealogy of America’s first national highway. The vast amount of people traveling this road can easily number into the tens of thousands during the colonial period. This overwhelming migration greatly added to the population growth of several states prior to the American Revolutionary War. From 1750 to 1780, areas of North Carolina, South Carolina and southern Virginia witnessed an increase of over 100% growth with the arrivals of families which quickly allowed new communities and settlements. In fact, the population rate within the time span of 30 years for the entire state of South Carolina ranged from 70,000 to 140,000 with the Great Wagon Road playing a significant role.

Many areas along the old road bed can still be viewed and walked upon. The history associated with this road gets more and more interesting with each newly discovered document, river crossing, land deed, gravesite and so much more. As research continues, the people of long ago begin to share their journey by disclosing their origins, destinations and other details. Taverns and inns along the way provided so many families shelter and a warm fire. Many of these details gives us a glimpse into what it meant to travel the road and what was available to the travelers during a specific time period. So many details to explore and document along the Great Wagon Road.

National Recognition Is Long Over Due For This Historic Road

As the volunteers work together to reach the goal of national recognition, the project shares news and updates with articles and social media. To view the articles available, simply click on the Great Wagon Road Project in the category listing on the main page or enter Great Wagon Road into the search tab. This will bring you all the news and latest articles from the project. Our research has taken us to a different era, traveling back in time over 276 years ago. The members of the Great Wagon Road Project believe that national recognition is long overdue for this historical road.

Piedmont Trails is proud to be a part of this group and invites you to join the journey with us. The project launched during the month of October in 2019. We have set our timetable to approx. 3 years of research and study. We began as a very small group and have now grown with over 50 members who are dedicated to the road and it’s much needed preservation. If you have knowledge of the road and would like to volunteer with the project, simply fill out the application located at the bottom of the page. The volunteers work with the task of researching various documents, materials and maps. They also work directly with on-site locations along the original route. Many provide photos, videos and more from areas spanning over several states. Volunteers also compile data, organize the many files and paperwork associated with the project and we also have volunteers who work directly with the final presentation. This is a critical stage for the project as decisions are made to determine which materials are relevant and will allow us to succeed. If you have an interest in the road but are unable to volunteer with the project, you can still help by spreading the word and sharing the flyer. If you would like a copy of the flyer, send a request on the Contact page and one will be emailed to you. Success is ahead of us as we reach our goal and preserve the Great Wagon Road for all future generations.

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