United States Genealogy Links

This page will give you genealogy links for each state with the exception of North Carolina. Each and every link listed on this page contains FREE resources that provides genealogical and historical data. A separate page has been dedicated for links pertaining to North Carolina Genealogy. Be sure to visit all of the pages on Piedmont Trails which include military research, early migration roads and colonial recipes. Subscribe to Piedmont Trails and stay up to date with all of new additions to each page. It’s FREE to subscribe and if you have any comments or suggestions, simply contact Piedmont Trails. Enjoy Your Journey !!

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Alabama Genealogy Organization

Alabama Genealogical Society

Alabama Mosaic

Alabama Pioneers

Alabama State Archives

Auburn University Special Digital Collections

Birmingham Historical Society

Early Settlers of Alabama

History of Alabama


Alaska Historical Commission

Alaska Historical Society

Alaska State Archives

Alaska State Library


Arizona Library

Arizona Memory Project(Archived Newspapers)

Family History Society of Arizona

Green Valley Genealogical Society

Pima County Genealogy Society

Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation


Arkansas Genealogical Society

Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

Arkansas State Archives


California Historical Society

California Pioneers

Southern California Genealogical Society

St. Helena Historical Society

Stanford University Digital Library Collection


Colorado Genealogical Society

Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Colorado State Archives

Historic Denver


Connecticut Historical Society

Connecticut History Organization

Connecticut Society of Genealogists

Connecticut State Library Archives

New Haven Museum

Newton, Connecticut Vital Records(1852-1927)

Sketches Of Church Life In Colonial Connecticut


Biographical & Genealogical History of Delaware

Delaware Genealogical Society

Delaware Heritage Collection

Delaware Historical Society

Family Histories

Records of The Court of New Castle 1676-1699

Sussex County Genealogical Society

University of Delaware Digital Library


A Guide For Using Florida State Archives

Florida State Archives

Florida State Genealogical Society

Florida State University Digital Library

Tampa, Florida Genealogical Society


A Collection of Georgia Colonial Passenger Lists, Land Grants and Biographical Sketches

Atlanta History Center

Coastal Georgia Genealogical Society

Cobb County Genealogical Society

Early Records of Georgia Volume II Wilkes County

Ebenezer, Georgia Home of Salzburger Society

Georgia Genealogical Society

Georgia Historic Newspapers

Georgia Historical Society

Georgia Online Encyclopedia

Georgia State Archives

Our Ancestors Left An Amazing Trail To Follow


Hawaii Digital Newspaper Project

Hawaiian Historical Society

Pearl Harbor Historic Sites


Idaho Genealogical Society

Idaho State Historical Society


Early Roads of Stephenson County

Hamilton County Historical Society

Illinois Ancestors

Illinois Historic Preservation Division

Illinois State Genealogical Society

Napoleonic Historical Society


Baird’s History of Clark County, Indiana

Earlham College Digital Genealogy Archives

Genealogy Center of Allen County Public Library

Indiana Homestead Database

Indiana Research Outline

Pioneer History of Indiana

Society of Indiana Pioneers


Early Settlers of Woodbury County

Iowa Genealogical Society

Sawmill Museum

The Annals Of Iowa

The Office of The State Archaeoligist


Douglas County Early Setters Part 1

Kansas Genealogy Society

Kansas Historical Society


Adair County Genealogical Society

Bounty Land Recipients, Part 1

Boyle County Genealogical & Historical Society

Carter County History

Clay Families Org.

Early Settlers of Fort Boonesborough

Kentucky Ancestors Online

Kentucky Department of Libraries & Archives

Kentucky Digital Newspaper Program

Kentucky Genealogical Society

Kentucky Historical Society

Lexington Public Library Digital Collections

History of Harrodsburg, Mercer County

History of Pioneer Kentucky


Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans

Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society

Xavier University of Louisiana Digital Archive Collection


Early Settlers of Harrison, Maine

Maine Genealogical Society

Old Broad Bay Family Association


17th Century Marylanders

17th & 18th Century Citizens of Maryland

A Puritan Colony In Maryland

Baltimore County, Maryland Genealogical Society

Church History of Colonial Maryland

Early Roads of Maryland

Genealogy Research Guide for Maryland

Guide To The History Of Slavery In Maryland

Indentured Servants in Maryland

Kent County Historical Society

Maryland Genealogical Society

Maryland State Archives

University of Maryland Research

The New Early Settlers of Maryland by Dr. Carson Gibb

Upper Shore Genealogical Society

White Servitude in Maryland 1634-1820 by McCormac


4th Parish Records 1743-1839

Andover Poll-Tax List of 1892

Brookline Tax List of 1746

First Planters of The Colony of Massachusetts Bay from 1623-1636

Massachusetts Historical Society

Massachusetts Society of Genealogists

Massachusetts State Archives

Puritan Age of Massachusetts Bay Colony 1625-1685

Quincy Poll-Tax List of 1893

Settlement of Massachusetts

State Library of Massachusetts


Michigan Genealogical Council

Western Michigan Genealogical Society


Minnesota Genealogical Society

Minnesota Historical Society

University of Minnesota Genealogy Research


Clark County Genealogy & History

Dancing Rabbit Historical and Genealogical Society

Mississippi Genealogy Society

Mississippi History Volume 1

Mississippi State University Digital Archives Collection


Greene County Records

Historical Society of Missouri

History of Early Steamboat Navigation On The Missouri River

Midwest Genealogy Center

Missouri Archaeological Society

Missouri Digital Heritage

Missouri Land Records 1777-1969

Missouri Pioneers

Missouri State Archives

Missouri State Genealogical Association

Ozarks Civil War Photography

The Frisco Rail Line

The Turnbo Manuscripts


East Helena Historical Society

Lewis and Clark Historical Society

Montana Historical Society

Montana Legacy

Montana Newspapers

Montana State Genealogical Society

The Story of Montana


Nebraska Death Index 1904-1955-(Just Released !!)

Nebraska Genealogical Society


Churchill County Museum & Archives

Clark County, Nevada Genealogical Society


Collections of The New Hampshire Historical Society volume III printed 1832

Documents and Records 1623-1776

History of Concord

History of Plymouth

New Hampshire Historical Society

New Hampshire Society of Genealogists

Vaughan Genealogy of New Hampshire


Colonial History of New Jersey 1631-1776

Early Germans of New Jersey

Early Land Records 1650-1900

Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey 1925-2015

Genealogical Society of New Jersey

Genealogy of Early Settlers of Trenton & Ewing

Life & Leisure in Colonial South Jersey

New Jersey Historical Society

The Genealogical Society of New Jersey


New Mexico Genealogical Society


Early Settlers of New York

Family Histories and Genealogies by Stefan Bielinski

Lutheranism In Colonial New York

Netherland Roots

New York Family History Organization

New York State Library

Enjoy Your Journey One Step At A Time


1885 State Census Index

North Dakota State Archives

North Dakota State University Archives Division


1812 Map Showing Early Trails and Streams

Early Settlers of Fayette County

Footprints of Pioneers In The Ohio Valley

Highland County Biographies 

History of The Upper Ohio Valley

Jackson County Register of Voters in 1816

Land Records

Newspaper Archives of Ripley, Ohio

Ohio Genealogical Society

Ohio State Archives

University of Cincinnati Genealogy Research


Chronicles Of Oklahoma

Custer County Pioneers

Helena Historical Society

Oklahoma Genealogy Society

Oklahoma Historical Society Land Records


Library of Special Collections & Archives

Oregon Genealogical Society

Oregon Historical Society

Oregon Secretary of State-State Archives

Oregon Trail Map


Bethlehem Steltz Reformed Church

Cumberland County Historical Society

Danner’s Pocket Guide Book of Gettysburg

Early Immigrants to Pennsylvania 1680-1726

Early Maps of Pennsylvania

Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Indian Wars of Pennsylvania

Lancaster History Organization

Lebanon County Historical Society

Pennsylvania German Pioneers 1727-1808

Pennsylvania German Ship Passenger List 1740-1752

Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission

Philadelphia Congregation Early Records

Redemptioners and Indentured Servants In The Colony and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography Volume I

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography Volume 38

York County Archives


Colonial Records of Rhode Island

Early History of Rhode Island

Early Records from the Town of Providence

John Carter Brown Public Library

Rhode Island Colonial Records List of Freemen Arrivals 1747-1754

Rhode Island Genealogical Society

Rhode Island Historical Society

Rhode Island Protestantism Colonial Period

Vital Records of Rhode Island 1636-1850 Volume 5 Washington County


Abbeville County Historical Society

Calhoun Settlement District of Abbeville

Charleston Library Society

Church of England in Colonial South Carolina

Edgefield County Historical Society

Fairfield County Genealogical Society

Families in Abbeville County

First Families of Edgefield County

History of Cheraw Precinct

History of Edgefield County

History of South Carolina In The Revolution 1780-1783

Marion County Tax Lists 1786

Murphree Papers(1743-1800)

Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society

Old Greenville Churches 1773-1923

Old Pendleton District

Orangeburgh County Historical Society

Piedmont Historical Society, SC

South Carolina Department of Archives

South Carolina Historical Society

South Carolina Department of Archives & History

South Carolina Pioneers

The Expansion of South Carolina 1729-1765

University of South Carolina Digital Collection

Warrants For Lands in South Carolina 1672-1711

White Indented Servants of South Carolina-Jersey


History of South Dakota Volume I

History of South Dakota Volume II

South Dakota Genealogical Society


Bible Records

Coming Home to Strawberry Plains by Connie Campbell-2019

Davidson County Land Records 1786-1950

Early Settlers of McNairy County

East Tennessee Genealogical Society

East Tennessee Historical Society

Friends of The Washington County Tennessee Archives

Genealogy of Some East Tennessee Families

Hamilton County Genealogical Society

Historical Jonesborough

History of Sumner County, TN

Lewis Family of Eastern Tennessee & Indiana

Tennessee Genealogical Society

Tennessee State Library & Archives

The Heritage Alliance of Northeast Tennessee & Southwest Virginia

Washington County, Tennessee Department of Records Management and Archives

Watauga Association of Genealogists Northeast Tennessee


Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum

Friends Of The Texas Historical Commission

Galveston History Organization

Texas Genealogical Society

Texas Museum of Transportation

Texas State Library & Archives Commission

The Texas General Land Office and the Surname Search

University of North Texas Digital Library


Utah Genealogical Society

Utah State Archives


A Centennial History of St. Albans

State Papers and Documents From Colonial Period

Vermont Genealogical Society


1787 Tax List for Virginia

Augusta County Historical Society

Boyle Surname of Virginia

Church of England in Colonial Virginia Volume 1 Volume 2

Complete Listing of Historical & Genealogical Societies of Virginia

Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia

Early Settlers of Virginia 1623-1666

Early Roads of Virginia

Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666

Encyclopedia Virginia Organization

Executive Journals of The Council of Colonial Virginia

First Settler of the Shenandoah Adam Mueller/Miller 1703-1783

First Settlers of the Shenandoah Valley

Fredericksburg Historic Court Records

Indentured Servants in Colonial Virginia

Library of Virginia

Map of Early Settlers in Franklin County

Map of Royal Land Company of Virginia

Museum Of The Shenandoah Valley

Mount Vernon Genealogical Society

Shenandoah Valley Genealogy Society

Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800-contains wills, deeds, bonds and pensioners from American Revolutionary War.

The Heritage Center Online Records

The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, VA

The Planters of Colonial Virginia

The Present State of Virginia 1724

The Right of Petition: Cases of Indentured Servants & Society of Colonial Virginia 1698-1746

Virginia Center of Digital History

Virginia Historical Society

Virginia Pioneers

Virginia Tech Genealogy Library

Virginia & Truckee Railroad Historical Society

Virtual Jamestown

Williamsburg Library

York County, Virginia Marriages 1785-1823


Washington Genealogical Society


A History of Preston County

Early Trails of West Virginia

History of West Virginia Volume I

History of West Virginia Volume II

West Virginia Archives & History

West Virginia University Genealogy Research


Wisconsin Historical Society


Cheyenne Genealogical & Historical Society

Wyoming Historical Society

Wyoming State Archives

Preserving The Past Secures The Future

Other Tools & Links

Abbreviations Found in Genealogy

American Civil War Newspapers

Cherokee Nation

Colonial Families of The United States of America by George McKenzie

Daniel Boone Master of the Wilderness by John Bakeless-1939

Deciphering Old Handwritten Documents

Eastern Band of Cherokee 1819-1900 by John Finger 1984

Footstep Tracking by Piedmont Trails

German Immigration 1683

History of The Church of England In The Colonies Volume 1

Immigrant Arrivals: A Guide To Published Sources by the Library of Congress

Indentured Documents by Crossland Genealogy

List of 17th Century Colonial Immigrants

Moravian Archives Northern Province

Moravian Archives Southern Province

National Newspaper Archives Free Search

National Society Descendants of Colonial Indentured Servants

Occupations Surname List

Peter Force’s American Archives Volume IV

Pilgrim Ship Lists-contains records to 1600.

Research Forms

The American Historical Review Volume I

The Quit-Rent System In The American Colonies

Tract Plotter

Our Ancestor’s Dreams Live Today When We Discover Their Footsteps From Long Ago