What Is Genealogy #OffTheGrid?

When I first got started with family research, the internet did not exist for home use. Eventually, the creation of email and the old AOL hosting server came into existence. The world wide web was open, and slowly genealogy materials began to appear on various sites. We never know what tomorrow may bring, and I felt it was too important to forget those techniques I used many years ago. It is for this reason that Genealogy #OffTheGrid was born.

What you will find here will be techniques that consist of only ground research. Back in the day, a person had to travel to various libraries or genealogy societies. Or they would communicate through regular mail to obtain data. The home phone was handy only during business hours, unless, of course, you were speaking with your aunt at 9 pm. I have the entire 1850 census printed among my files because these records were only available in book form or printed copies. Fortunately, copies were inexpensive and easily made if the desire to stand there for hours suited your schedule. Why 1850? Because this was the first census where everyone in the household had a first and last name. So, yes, it was that important.

You will also find personal family stories in this category. I feel that family stories deserve their place in history just as much as the birth and death dates belong on our family tree. Even though some of the material may be irrelevant or without proof, the story itself adds character and personality to the people.

Books hold the passion together for off-the-grid research. Purchasing books was the number one research technique used outside of visiting the register of deeds office. Family booklets were very popular during the 1990s. They were cheap to create, and most local historical societies were eager to print them. I can’t tell you how many of these family booklets I’ve proven wrong over the years. But, that’s ok. We learn as we find the material and the proof. The sad thing is that a large portion of this same wrong data is listed on the internet today, and millions stick by that information.

You will also find opinionated articles in this category that range from genealogy news to politics of the 18th century. I also offer words of encouragement to family historians. At times, the journey can be rough going, especially when you hit that brick wall. I hope this explains Genealogy #OffTheGrid, and Thanks so much for visiting Piedmont Trails. Enjoy Your Journey To The Past Today !!