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Over the next week, Piedmont Trails will begin adding new features and updates to the website. These changes are part of the next chapter in moving forward with our journey to the past. Some pages may look slightly different, and brand new pages will appear. The fine-tuning of several formats are still underway, which will capture the very essence of Piedmont Trails’ mission and sharing the data with all of you. I am very excited to welcome this new year of 2021. We are living in historical times as we witness many different worldly events daily. Maintain a positive attitude and remember to look for genealogy and history everywhere.

The website will become the main central communications hub as Piedmont Trails moves along the trail into the past. The projects associated with Piedmont Trails will also be stationed here on the website. The Great Wagon Road Project is currently on hold due to the virus until March 15th, 2021. The Colonial Indentured Servants Project and the Yadkin County Railroad Project will be resuming during the next few weeks. Future participants will need to contact me personally. You can do this by using the Contact page on the website. The Live Chats are returning as well. Monthly themes with live video, live chat texts, and screen sharing will all be available. Each monthly topic will focus on the details, researching methods, documents I have on hand, and answering live questions via video and chat. Seating will be limited, 25 in total. Be sure to sign up quickly when you see the monthly Live Chat listed on the website.

The best way to stay up to date with the latest information is to subscribe to the website. Subscribing is a free tool that enhances your journey with Piedmont Trails. I welcome the new subscribers this week, and I look forward to corresponding with you all during 2021 and the years to come. Our Ancestors Left An Amazing Trail To Follow. Enjoy Your Journey.

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